Comedian. Lover. Friend.


Natalie Holt's comedy career started in Seattle, but her absurd spirit is the result of her weird and wonderful upbringing in Florida.

Onstage, she's a whirl of surreal wordplay and wears her heart on her sleeve. Her comedy has been described as "an emotional Penthouse letter" with "jokes that almost don't work". 

She keeps busy as a producer at Seattle favorite The Comedy Nest and co-writer of the live inter-dimensional talk show Alyssa Explains It All. She's also performed at Bumbershoot and co-hosts the Sexual Awake'n'Baking podcast, which you should definitely check out.


3/16: Almost Woke @  Gallery Boom (Olympia)

3/18: Monisa Brown at the Hiighline @ The Highline

3/20: The Comedy Nest (producing) @ The Rendezvous
3/21: Seattle's Best @ The Comedy Underground

3/22: Comedy Night @ The Grizzled Wizard

3/24: Roast Beef @ Jai Thai

3/28: Seattle's Best @ The Comedy Underground

3/29: Setlist @ Pack Theatre (LA)

4/2:   Club "Out-of-Town" West @ The Clubhouse (LA)

4/2:   Comedy @ Sycamore (LA)

4/3:   Low Blow @ The Pikey (LA)

4/3:   Roast Battle @ The Comedy Store's Belly Room (LA)

See me any Monday by stopping by The Comedy Underground to check out the open mic!