Who's That Girl?

Natalie Holt's comedy career started in Seattle, but  she credits her absurd spirit to her weird and wonderful upbringing in Florida. Onstage, she's a whirl of surreal wordplay who wears her opinionated heart on her sleeve.  

Her comedy has been described as "an emotional Penthouse letter" with "jokes that almost don't work." A comment on Seattle's premiere recycling bin filler, the Stranger, paints an even more flattering picture: "Insane cokehead and Seattle Comedy's self-appointed Political Correctness Police Natalie Holt is on this? This is going to be a terrible show. Avoid."

In addition to her work as a producer of Seattle favorite The Comedy Nest, she performs anywhere that isn't run by a sexual predator, and has been featured on festivals near (Bumbershoot, All Jane) and far (208 Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival, 10,000 Laughs).

But What Does She DO?

Stand-up comedy, mostly. And yeah, she talks about womanhood and religion and the absurdity of capitalism, but she's also performed for first-graders for cookies and Fortune 500 companies for blood money, so she's got range!

She's also written funny stuff in exchange for Found Father funbucks. Email perfectavocado@gmail.com to request writing samples.