Comedian. Lover. Friend.

Who's That Girl?

Natalie Holt's comedy career started in Seattle, but her absurd spirit is the result of her weird and wonderful upbringing in Florida.  

Onstage, she's a whirl of surreal wordplay who wears her heart on her sleeve. It's been said that she has "an ass that won't quit, and a mouth to match." Her comedy has been described as "an emotional Penthouse letter" with "jokes that almost don't work".

She keeps busy as a producer of Seattle favorites The Comedy Nest and The Comedy Underground. She performs all over, and has been featured on festivals near (Bumbershoot, All Jane) and far (208 Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival, 10,000 Laughs).

But What Does She DO?

Stand-up comedy, mostly. And yeah, she talks about being a woman and the absurdity of capitalism, but she's also performed for first-graders in exchange for cookies and corporations in exchange for blood money, so she's got range!

For her writing and podcasting endeavors...


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